New Q&A Feature launching soon

I’m experimenting with a questions and answer feature which I may let members use shortly.  I’ll keep you posted.

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New Pagellan Homepage

The new Pagellan homepage is live and it should change very little moving forward.

The concept of Pagellan is this…

  • Provide a simple, efficient startpage for any web browser.
  • Provide easy to use tools and resources to help users be more efficient in their daily lives.
  • Provide links and information in the simplest and most efficient way possible on a wide variety of topics.
  • Provide an efficient and uncluttered user experience.

There will be more to tell soon.

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Pagellan transitioning to WordPress

The last version of Pagellan was custom coded and very expensive to build.   I’ve decided to make the switch to WordPress which gives me a lot more flexibility in development.

Not only am I making changes to the coding and core of Pagellan, but I’m also making the business model a lot simpler.

More information is coming shortly.


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